April 10, 2022

5 ways to woo a lesbian

So you’re a woman’s woman, and your last quick search helped you meet the perfect match. But what do you do now? How do you get her to see that you’re the one for her?

Girlfriend, listen up! These five surefire tips are guaranteed to give her the message that you think she’s pretty special… and then some!

1. Bring her flowers.

Okay, maybe it sounds like a hopelessly old fashioned throwback to the dating customs of adultfrienedfinder heterosexuals past, but I challenge you to find me a woman who doesn’t love getting flowers, even if they’re just picked from the roadside. Try a colorfully unfolding Bird of Paradise, or a delicately fuzzy Bearded Purple Iris to suggest your intentions. With blossoms as shamelessly sexy as these, she is guaranteed to get the hint!

2. Adore her pets.

The lesbian’s pets are nothing short of family, and may even hold true celebrity status in her life. Even if her dog is old and scruffy or the cat makes you sneeze, lavish praise upon her pets as though they are royalty, and it won’t be long until you are getting the royal treatment yourself! (Did you know a custom search lets you find people who like pets?)

3.Check your music library.

Many lesbians will admit to having a weakness for gutsy women singers. Whether she grooves on girl-rock or prefers smooth sultry jazz, a carefully selected collection of CDs by classic female artists will have you ready to create just the right mood at the push of a button.
A good starter collection might include titles by such artists as Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge, Diana Krall, Aretha Franklin, Ani DiFranco and Annie Lenox. Have a mix of CDs loaded into your CD changer at home or the car. In case you end up giving her a lift somewhere, you will be ready to advance your cause by popping in just the right tunes!

4. Stock up on liquid refreshment.

Women get to know each other while talking over beverages. Be sure you have a good variety on hand, something for every mood and preference. In the hot drink department, have a selection of teas, plus some robust coffee (caf and decaf) ready to brew. In the chilled drink category, stock up on fruit juice, sparkling water, cold beer and white wine. A bottle of red on the counter adds to the ambience. When she stops by to drop off that book you loaned her, you’ll be ever-so-ready to say, “Wouldn’t you like to come in for a cup of tea… or maybe a glass of wine?”

5. Gather vitals and remember details.

Ask her about her favorite movies. Let her show you the pictures from her rafting trip in Colorado. Ask her about her chart. Ask about her pets, frequently (see Tip #2). Inquire about her salt-and-pepper shaker collection. Now connect the dots between your interests and hers.

Lend her your book on women’s rafting exhibitions in Tibet. Look up your astrological compatibility. Send her the new CD by her favorite diva on her birthday. Give her that vintage flamingo salt-and-pepper shaker set you had in the back of the cupboard to add to her collection.

So, there it is ladies: It’s as simple as that. A bouquet of flowers, a little mood music, a splash of liquid refreshment, some good conversation and a pat on the head for Fido should be just the recipe for getting this woman-to-woman romance off the ground. Now, get busy, get your search on and good luck!

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