April 11, 2022

Dating Online UK

There are dozens and dozens of dating sites in the United Kingdom. Some cover specific areas; such as counties, cities or even specific countries (like Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland). Generally, the coverage of most dating online websites is the entire UK. This way it ends up being more profitable for the company and also providing greater variety in term of members.

Some popular dating-online UK sites include: datingdirect.com, udate.com, match.co.uk, adultfrinendfinder and there’s many more too. All other similar services but fees do vary quite a bit so email before joining if cost is an issue. Some offer instant messaging which is a great feature that allows you to chat to the person before meeting them. This gives the potential couple an opportunity to get to know each other a little more, also, in my opinion it’s much better than email because you can ask questions, enquire about likes and dislikes, hobbies, background info and qualifications, and you get an immediate response unlike email which may take days… or sometimes a week or two.

Dating online took off in USA first but the UK is not far behind now! Dating online gets regular mentions in national newspapers almost every month – especially the biggest sites. So get to it!

Meeting Married Women Online

Another email the other day – what about ‘meeting married women online’? The question begs, why would you want to meet women in existing relationships? Why not single women?

I suspect some guys like the idea of an illicit relationship. I suppose, for some, it’s exciting, dangerous, intrepid, and makes their life more interesting. Interestingly, I’m not aware of any dating site that encourages married women to join – perhaps separated, divorced and single?

Also, I suspect these guys are looking for something casual – not serious! And perhaps secret meetings, covert conversations with their cell phones, illicit ‘romance’ and maybe that’s it; nothing more.

So women in this position should if that’s what they want, or more! I know of couple of married women into this sort of thing, and, long-term, it leads to breaks-up, some very serious rows!

If any knows of any site involve meeting married women online please email me and I’ll review and add them to this site.

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