April 11, 2022

Golden rule for guys when choosing the best romantic gifts for a girl

Go Columbo.

But the overcoat wouldn’t suit me”, I hear you say, well that’s not what I mean. What I mean is, when thinking of the best romantic gifts for your girlfriend or wife, you need to start throwing some sneaky questions into otherwise normal conversations, to get the info you want.

You see, if I just told you right now:

hey guys, these are some great romantic gifts for a girl – jewelry and clothes”,

would you be able to walk into the store or go online and just pick out the perfect item of jewelry or clothing that your lady will love? Probably not. So how are you going to know what specifically to buy for her? Like I said – Go Columbo.

The easy part of choosing the best romantic gifts for a girl

Well the easy part is narrowing it down to the genre of gift you’re going to get, and those ones I mentioned before aren’t too far wide of the mark. Stick with:

  • jewelry
  • clothes
  • underwear
  • indulgent treats
  • couple-related gifts (I’ll explain in a sec)

and you will do well.

And the hard part of choosing the best romantic gifts for a girl

So let’s have a browse on a jewelry website for example …. earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces – funky stuff, snazzy stuff, ethnic stuff – cheap, mid-priced and goddam-expensive.

“What the hell do I buy??!! I just want some romantic gifts for a girl!” – Welcome to the hard part of romantic gift choosing.

Columbo Skills 101

When you’ve decided on the genre of romantic gifts for a girl, you need to start the detective work. Now you may be lucky and get all the info you need just through observing and listening. Hearing her complain about her underwear not feeling flattering or sexy should set light bulbs off above even the dumbest guy’s head. Watching her whack her watch to make it work again should do likewise. And remember, a gift is romantic not because that’s the section of the store you found it in, but how it makes your partner feel, i.e. loved, listened to, cared-for.

But if observing and listening haven’t made things clear in your head about the best romantic gift for her, you’ll need to venture into cross-examination of the subject, as subtly as possible…

Columbo Skills 202 – Deciding on the Chief Gift-Suspect

So let’s look at each genre of gift, and the things you’ll need to look out for and potentially ask, to be more certain it’s the best romantic gift for her:

  • Jewelry – Does she wear much jewelry? If she doesn’t is that because she hates it or just has none? Is there a special event coming up that she may need something snazzy for? Where is she on the bling-ometer – understated or P.Diddy? Does she have a favourite gem? Does she prefer gold, white gold or platinum? Look at what she already has, to understand style preferences. Zoara will give you ideas for the sparkly stuff, while these guys have some cool stuff if you’re on a tighter budget.
  • Clothes –Ah, the right-size/wrong-size assault course… get the wrong size and you have the potential for “So you wish I was that small/So I look that big?” discussions. Then again, a Small in one store may fit differently than a Small in another. It’s a minefield. But not if we do our research – just check the sizes and labels on her existing clothes to find her size and preferred labels. Next, decide on the type of clothing – what has she mentioned she needs? What season is coming up – buy for that season, not the one you’re in the middle of. Does she like designer labels, if so which ones? Hey, nobody said being a detective was easy! Designer Studio is great for label-lovers, while Shoppingberg has everything else you’ll need for ideas.
  • Underwear – Well, if we thought choosing clothes was tricky, choosing underwear for your wife/girlfriend can be even trickier. Again, we just need to do our research. Sizes are easy enough to check, as are preferred stores. DO NOT GUESS SIZES! And what about material – lacy, silky, cotton? What types of designs does she go for in general? If you are keen to get something sexy for her, you also need to bear in mind it needs to be flattering or it will not be appreciated or worn. Also, you may want to delete your web history after browsing for ideas! Most department store sites will have underwear sections, while there are some specialists like Pampered Passions too.
  • Indulgent Treats – By this I mean something that’s just for her; something that may be a guilty pleasure (chocolate, a trip to her favourite pastry cafe) or something that will help her relax and get away from work stresses, like a trip to the spa or a massage. If you are open to giving the massage then Romantic Gifts has good oils and tips. If you want to go the edible route, then maybe check out the best bakeries in your area, or places like Edible Gifts where you can personalise stuff.
  • Couple-Gift – I have warned on the dangers of the generic bear-holding-heart gift before, in terms of its general suckiness. But there are gifts you can put together for your partner as an obvious sign that you love them. A framed picture of you both somewhere memorable for example. I knew a guy who framed the piece of paper his now-wife scrawled her phone number on when he first asked her out. There’s nothing wrong with an obvious lovey-dovey gift, as long as its personalised and meaningful to your partner and your relationship. You can personalise practically everything on Cafepress, and getting stuffed framed can be done at many local photo outlets or Zazzle for example.

So are we any clearer on buying romantic gifts for a girl?

I hope so, the Columbo analogy really is the way to go. You need a bit of detective work, be vigilant for clues, ask the right questions, and you are much more likely to get something that shows your partner you met with the help of adultfrienedfinder app login how well you know them and love them.

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