April 10, 2022

The Secrets of My Desire

My desire became strong and forceful. I was scared to lose her again so for years felt that I had to defend her from all my boyfriends. I practiced open relationship and was highly sensitive to a man asking me to slow down or to not make out with a particular person, etc. I wanted very much to go deep with one person, and I wanted very much to have a wide open playing field where I could do what I wanted with others as well. My desire was a killer; she was a victim; she was a perpetrator and …

What makes a romantic meal?

Candles – check. Oysters – check. Champagne – check. Saxophoney-type music playing in the backgroud – check.

Job done then – let the romance commence!

Or is it that simple? Will you automatically feel closer to your partner, comfortable in their company, enjoy the food & drink, and want to be affectionate if you just check all those boxes? Because that’s the feelings I would use to define what makes the best romantic meal.…

How to get your ex back

Easy Methods To Get Your Ex Back

Have you just experienced a break up and you are desperate to find out how to get your ex back? Are you sick and tired of feeling depressed, staying at home by the phone just in case your ex rings or are you replaying the last conversation the two of you had over and over again in your head?…