April 10, 2022

Tips and Techniques To Impress A Girl

Tips and Techniques To Impress A Girl

Are you desperate to impress a girl that you really really like but you don’t even know where to begin? Maybe you have already tried to impress her but you are failing miserably. Take your first steps into finding out how to impress a girl and up your game when it comes to dating and flirting with the advice below.

The very first impression you make when talking to a girl is the most vital.If you do not have the ability to impress her, then the likelihood that you will move on to the next steps and to many dates, will not be great. Once you make a bad first impression, it will be considerably hard to alter her opinion later on.


So, the absolute first thing a girl will notice about you is your appearance. It’s the little things that count when you are trying to impress a girl. You just need to show that you have made an effort for her. Brush your hair and teeth, take a shower, apply deodorant and some cologne, if you wish.

When it comes to dress, a girl loves a guy who looks smart.This doesn’t necessarily mean suit and tie, but simply clothes that fit, nothing too big or small.When you look smart, you appear confident, something that is very attractive to girls. If you are unsure as to what to wear, don’t be afraid to ask your sister or a female friend for advice.


You must not get confidence mixed up with being full of yourself and cocky. Sure cockiness that can be found on site adultfrinendfinder.com login can be attractive at first, but then a girl gets bored of it. Confidence is having the ability to approach a girl without fearing that you will be rejected. When you walk, make sure your head is held high and you are walking with your eyes, not head down, eyes to the ground. This will immediately get a girl to notice you.


Believe it or not, a girl gets nervous in these kinds of situations too, so be outgoing and fun to be with, make her laugh.

Don’t try too hard to impress.A girl knows when you’re trying to impress her, talking about your amazing salary, posh car or huge house.When a guy tries too hard he will normally become self-conscious and nervous. He may stutter with his words and laugh nervously. A girl will definitely not find this attractive. In fact, it is likely to turn them off and they will zone out when you are talking.

Remind yourself that you are a great guy and if she doesn’t understand that, then that’s her loss.By thinking positive, it will show in your actions and attract the girl even more.


It is important that you respect a girl, her friends and everyone else. When a girl sees that you have respect she will respect you a lot more.As soon as you show any disrespect she will ditch you.

You should also think about the saying “The way a man treats his mother is how he’ll treat his wife”. Treat a girl with the same respect you would give to your mother.


A lot of guys try to flirt with their mouth, using cheesy pickup lines, but try flirting with your body language. Make eye contact with a girl and do not be the person to look away, but don’t stare for too long. Give a little smile when you make the eye contact and touch her arm or shoulder. Physical contact shows that you are interested.It will make her feel special.

Tease her. It may be news to you, but a girls likes to be teased, whether it is about something, anything. Be aware not to go over the top with it though, make sure it is funny because you’ll end up looking like a jerk.

A great way to tease a woman is about your job. Make up some crazy story with a smile on your face about being a naked stunt man or something that will catch her interest. She will desperately try to find out what you really do. She is already impressed without you trying hard at all.

Do not tease herb by playing “hard to get”.Yes, you may have her attention for a couple days, but soon she’ll give up thinking that you have lost interest in her.


You will always go far with a girl if you compliment her, as long as it is a genuine compliment. Even if a girl does not like you yet, complimenting her will make her feel good about herself and think positively about you.

If she is dressed up or wearing something special, tell her that she is looking especially good. The chances are she is wearing it to be noticed. Do not say that the clothes look good, but her figure or a particular part of her body looks good. She will really appreciate the compliment.


Many shy guys get nervous when trying to impress a girl because they fear having to talk about themselves or taking lead in a conversation and being rejected.

The number 1 mistake when chatting to a girl is putting the focus on yourself and being ‘me, me, me’.  Make her qualify herself Girls are more comfortable when they talk about themselves.

Every chance you get, direct the flow of conversation on her and let her to talk about the subject.

Ask leading questions that draw her to you and at the same time is challenging to her.An example may be “So what do you do for fun?” This question may seem innocent but it will make her to think twice about her answers so that she appears to you as a spontaneous, fun-loving person.

If she asks you a question in return, respond with a few, short sentences and then redirect the question back at her. Try to aim for you both to be talking equally, half of the time, while ensuring that you are saying something worthwhile and not speaking for the sake of it.


The most important piece of advice when trying to impress a girl is to be yourself. Show her who you really are. Do not try to be someone you are not because she will notice.

Never change your beliefs or personality to impress another person. There are many different girls out there who are attracted to different types of guys. If one girl doesn’t like you for who you are, then she is not worthy of you. There are plenty of girls out there who will be impressed by you.You can’t make everyone like you.

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